when you travel and really want to know the culture and its people, you have to try their food. authentic and homemade food. at least food from a restaurant that locals go to. it says so much. it’s people, history and culture laid out for you in a dish for you to get to know.
i always had food in my mouth growing up. i never really cared about howthe food was made. my mom made certain it was always available. food represented home. it represented my mom and her devotion to her kids. it represented my dad’s hard work to provide. it represented my grandmother, meals gathered during the holidays and tradition.
on my first year in college, i subsisted on pasta, pizza and fries. it was not fun and i looked forward to visits home so much. mom’s home cooked korean meals. i started watching my mom as she cooked and learn by trial and error. i am not a patient person – in a way that i never ever follow recipes even if i am cooking from a cookbook. i rarely use measuring cups, because i taste my way through cooking. especially when i began working, i wanted to use whatever i had in my refrigerator and pantry in the most easiest and simplified form possible.
so, if you’re looking for simple korean reciples, you’re at the right place.
let’s start cooking! :)
– j

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